OutJusticed – Allahabad HC Verdict in 1991 Pilibhit Fake Encounter. Special Discussion

In 1991, Police personnel from UP abducted 11 sikhs from the bus and killed them later in fake encounter. In this case, earlier ੪੩ police officials were sentenced to life imprisonment. Recently, Allahabad HC has given its latest verdict. Samvad organised a twitter space to interpret the verdict of Allahabad HC and its possible outcomes in future.

Why Don’t Filmmakers Stop to Personify Guru Sahib Despite Protests and Ban on Films in Past.

Over a issue of personification and portrayal of Guru Sahiban, Guru parivaar, Sikh Saheeds in movie ‘Dastan-e-Sirhind’, Samvad organized a discussion at Twitter space. It is learnt that personification in any manner should be immediately banned and Sikhs all over the world expressed their views to oppose such attempts under the influence of Biper Sanskar and western thought.